An eBook with a capsular form of Materia Medica.

A lot of information has been collected from various authentic sources and arranged systematically in a capsule form for an easy reference.

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This Materia Medica is a tool to remember the drug picture and it is a condensed form of Materia Medica with the essence of each drug in a capsular form. This work will help to remember the symptoms and the generals and modalities. What makes this Materia Medica unique is the typical arrangement of features of 130 homoeopathic drugs.

A Capsule of Materia Medica 

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Under each drug, the symptoms are arranged under the headings like Mind, Causation, Location, Sensation, Aggravation, Amelioration and Concomitants.  The symptoms are arranged according to the Hahnemannian schema. Here, maximum attempt is made to use the exact words used in the various source books. Dreams are given under the Mind section. The Sensation contains delusions, general sensations and sensations of different body parts. The Aggravation and Amelioration section contains particular modalities followed by general modalities. Generals are included under the Concomitants. 

The miasmatic indication is given under each drug, which is taken from books on miasms by Dr S K Banergea, Dr Harimohan Choudhary and Dr S k Dubey. The thermal modality is taken Dr P V Siju's Evaluation of Remedy’s Thermal State. The Relationship of drugs are given under each drug, which are taken from Gibson Millers remedy relationship and some drug relations given by pioneers like Hering, Clark and W.Boericke. 

About the Author

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque is the alumni of Bharathesh Homoeopathic Medical College, Belgaum. He has developed a homoeopathic internet browsing software and has authored ‘Be a master of Materia Medica’, ‘Rapid prescribing’, ‘Drug Addiction & Its side Effects- A Homoeopathic Approach’, published by B.Jain Publishers, New Delhi. His first book is also translated in to Spanish by the same publisher. He has also written a number of Ebooks on health related topics, the recent one being ‘All About Abdominal Pain’. Presently he is practicing Homoeopathy at Family Homoeopathic clinic and research center, North Paravur, Kerala. He is the advisor of Homeopathy World Community. He is also active in the field by taking seminars and public awareness classes on various health related issues. He also finds time to write articles in many journals and newspapers on various health related topics. For authoring Homoeopathic books he has received the state award from the Institution of Homoeopaths Kerala (IHK) for the year 2006. Considering his dedicated service to Homoeopathy the IHK Paravur unit has honored him in the year 2004. In the year 2007 he also received state award from the IHK for writing articles in various journals such as Homoeopathic Heritage, Homoeo Buzz, IHK News, Homoeopathic Panorama etc. He is the member of IHK, IHMA and HMAI. He bolges at www.FamilyHomoeopathy.com/blog.


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