All about

Abdominal Pain

124 Causes of abdominal pain, Differential Diagnosis and Lab Investigations

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Pain is distressing for all of us. Among different types of pains, the abdominal pain is the most common that affects all age groups. All about abdominal pain is an illustrated work on different aspects of abdominal pain.

This Book is beneficial for doctors, medical students, health workers, nurses and even for the laymen.

All about Abdominal Pain

Common queries you come across on abdominal pain are:

What are the causes of abdominal pain?
When should we suspect a major problem in the abdomen?
Which are the dangerous signs and symptoms associated ?
When to go for a medical consultation?
Are sophisticated investigations needed for all cases of abdominal pain?

This book gives answer to the above queries in a systematic way. The following aspects are explained in detail:

124 causes of abdominal pain
Clinical features of different diseases and conditions
Differential diagnosis
Index for probable causes
Case taking & clinical examination
Lab investigations

This Book starts with the anatomical and physiological aspects of abdominal pain with an emphasis on the nerve supply of the abdomen. Different types of abdominal pains along with various modes of its presentation are explained in simple language. Here 124 Causes of abdominal pain are described with differentiating feature of each condition.

In order to make the book user friendly, an index on different causes are given under different headings. By looking at this index, a doctor can think about the possibility of a particular condition, which can be ruled out by required investigations. Case taking of an abdominal complaint is described with provisional diagnosis. Lab investigations are given in detail, which can guide us to the final diagnosis. All investigations are not necessary for the diagnosis.

Depending up on the presenting signs and symptoms specific investigations can be done. Hence this book helps to come to a final diagnosis using minimum investigation reports correlated with the clinical findings and the history of the patient. Surgical or medical treatment of abdominal pain is beyond the scope of this book. However, some steps to prevent digestive troubles are given at the end.


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